# Create a PDF Template

In this how to, we go though all the needed steps to create a new PDF template that you can use with our API.

# Create a Word document

First, you need to create a Word document (.docx) in case you didn't have one yet.

Within your Word document you can use placeholders for text you want to replace dynamic data. E.g. your customers name in an invoice.

You can find an example document here: Download from Google Docs (opens new window)

# Upload your Word document

After you have created your Word document template, you can upload it. Please visit your Dashboard, go to Templates and click on "Add New Template". Here you need to give your template a name and select the .docx file.

# Update Your Template

In case your template changed you can upload a new version of your template.

# What are Revisions

Whenever you upload a new template or update an existing one, UBER PDF creates a new revision of that file. Your old file is still available and still can be used. When making a request to render a document, you can choose between always using the newest template revision or to render a specific revision.

# Render a Template via our API

Rendering a document is as easy as making an API call to on of our API endpoints and specifying all the placeholders you want to replace.

For more details on how to make that API call, please have a look into our API documentation.